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What with the revised exam pattern by CBSE, this batch of 10th graders are in for major adjustments. The old school methods of learning a week before the board exams probably won't prove effective for everyone anymore. In light of this turn of events, students are recommended to develop a smart and efficient way of learning. These modules and video lectures would be effective in two ways:
1. For understanding concepts when they are first taught at school

2. For quick revision before tests/ exams


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Along with theory modules and video lectures, a question bank pertaining to quarterly/half yearly exams will be posted periodically. Requests by students for additional information and/or lectures on other topics will be considered and tried as much to be fulfilled.
Students can avail certain offers as well. We feel that buying the course for the entire year of 10th would be most effective (you won't forget 1st term portions by the time the board exams approach)