Our Approach

Teachers, be it school or coaching classes, can’t empathize with their students’plight and textbooks tend not to go in depth. We intend to change that. We take a big brother/big sister approach to teaching, detailing our pitfalls and what we did to overcome them. We also use relatable, informal language; much like an older sibling or friend would (no stiff textbook language here!).

Gone through the pain of scouring different websites looking for that one video/article that you want? Yep, we’ve gone through that too. None of that here though!  You’ll find that our modules are arranged in an easy-to-access, subject-wise and chapter-wise format.

Our Story

We at Contagious Intelligence like to think we’re “School Veterans”; we’ve been in school the majority of our lives after all!

We were told to study for hours on end to score well during exams, which we later found out was completely untrue.  Instead, we started to study smart, not hard, discovering for ourselves a new kind of intelligence. We created this website to help spread this intelligence, delivering tips and tricks to help our students learn the material better and thus score better. In fact, this view is the inspiration for the name “Contagious Intelligence”.


Our dynamic team is enthusiastic and cooperative and is willing to help students by spreading their knowledge.

Ashwin Ujre


Gagan Prakash


Shreyas Raviprasad


Amulya Sriharsha


 The videos and Preparatory Modules are created by our talented team of intelligent entrepreneurs.