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Preparatory Modules And Videos For Class X

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We created this website in prehistoric 2017 help students like you understand your syllabus in a more intuitive and less boring way. We here at Contagious Intelligence (or CI for short)  have spent hours browsing through online tools and websites, and found that all of these were pretty much just like your typical classroom lesson: boring. This experience led us to create our own platform, one that didn't make you snore, and discouraged rote memorization while encouraging you to actually learn the concepts. (Plus, we'll be helpful during those last-minute study sessions, especially after the removal of CCE; which is frankly a big step backward).

Unlike other online learning platforms out there, this is a student-to-student interface: a model of understanding that provides the best learning experience. This website offers online modules based on the CBSE syllabus. The video lectures contain all the material in your NCERT textbooks, along with some extra information, and solved questions. Questions are included at the end of each module (these are important questions for those aiming to ace the board exams). Additionally, revision questions will be posted for quarterly and half yearly exams.

We wish to make a difference to all those students out there, help with last minute revision (which we have had plenty of experience with)